Must-Have Eye Makeup Brushes

This post is about my must have eye makeup brushes. So here we go…

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

Eye shadow Brush:

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush ($25): There is no other eye brush I reach for as often as this one. It is great for packing color on the eyelid. The brush has just the right amount of firmness and is the right size for my eyes. It has softly tapered rounded edge which makes it the perfect shape for eye shadow placement. I use the brush with my pigments too and it never disappoints.

MAC 234 Split Fiber brush (LE) ($22.50): This was a Limited Edition brush from MAC featuring a split design meaning one side had natural bristles and the other half synthetic. This is my go to brush for applying cream products. It is a fluffy slightly tapered brush.

MAC 239, MAC 234

MAC 239, MAC 234(split fibre)

Blending Brush:

Hakuhodo J5523 ($18): If you think MAC brushes are soft, Hakuhodo brushes are softer. Though similar to MAC 217, I find the bristle cut and shape better than MAC 217.

MAC 217($24): This was my first blending brush. The brush is not only perfect for blending but also good for patting on pigmented eye shadows. Though I still use it very often, if asked to pick one I would probably prefer the Hakuhodo one.

MAC 217, Hakuhodo J5523

Hakuhodo J5523, MAC 217

Crease Brush:

Hakuhodo J142 ($18): I am yet to find a better crease brush than this one. The size is perfect. The bristles are extremely soft and the tapered end fits perfectly into the crease.

Hakuhodo J142, MAC 237

MAC 275, Hakuhodo J142


MAC 275 Angled Shading Brush ($25): I love MAC 275 brush for placing eye shadow under the brow bone. It is my go to highlighter brush. It also works well in blending shadows in the crease.

Outer V Brush:

Inglot 80HP: This is my favorite brush for defining outer V. Though it looks similar to a pencil brush, it is more rounded and less stiff making it perfect for outer V. The bristles are ox & pony hair.

Inglot 80HP

Inglot 80HP

Detail Brushes:

MAC 219 Pencil Brush ($25): The perfect tool for smokey eyes, this stiff pencil brush from MAC is a must have. The pencil shaped tip makes it ideal for blending liners, placing shadow along the lower lash line or for cut crease.

Hakuhodo G5513 ($16): It is a small, okay very very small brush that is perfect for detailing. I prefer the brush for precision detailing or placing eye shadow along the lower lash line.

Hakuhodo G5513, MAC 219

MAC 219, Hakuhodo G5513

 Eyeliner/Brow Brush:

MAC 208 ($20): This angled brow brush is perfect for filling the brow. It is thinner than 266 but the smaller size and stiffness makes it perfect for my brows. The brush also works well in applying gel liners or in general lining the eyes.

Inglot 30T: This bent eyeliner brush is perfect for applying gel liners or for winged liner application.

MAC 280, Inglot 30T

MAC 280, Inglot 30T

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    • Hakihodo ships internationally! So you can order directly from their website. I am not sure of any direct retailers in India. :-)

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