MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipsticks

The much awaited collection is finally in stores now and most of the lipstick shades are already out of stock! I wanted 2 from the collection Charmed I’m sure and Deeply adored and I am very excited that I finally got my hands on them :-)

Lipstick Bullets

There are 5 lipsticks included in the collection:

  • Charmed I’m sure: Dark true red
  • Deeply adored: Deep scarlet
  • Love Goddess: Mid tone pink red
  • Pure Zen (I couldn’t find it in stores, not sure if it’s launched in India): Frosted warm nude
  • Scarlet abis: Bright orange red

Of the 2 blushes in the collection; Perfect cheek & Legendary; only Legendary is launched here (atleast that’s what the SA at Chennai counter told me)!

Price : INR 1050

Lipstick Bullets1

Charmed, I’m sure is described my MAC as true dark red. On me it’s a lovely warm red shade. I looove this shade. It instantly brightens up my face without adding age to it. It’s a matte finish lipstick with blue undertones. I do not find the lipstick drying on me and the staying power is awesome. The pigmentation is superb and in one swipe goes on opaque. The shade stays on me for nearly 6 hours after which it starts to fade evenly. Even then, at the end of the day, the shade leaves behind a stain which needs a proper makeup remover.




Deeply adored is described by MAC as Deep Scarlet. On me it’s a darker brick red shade. It’s a matte finish lipstick with brown undertones. Deeply adored is slightly closer to my heart than charmed I’m sure though I love both. The pigmentation is again opaque and one swipe is all you need. The shade lasts on me for nearly 6 hours and like the previous one, it’s still there at the end of the day as a stain on your lips.




Both the lipsticks are non drying, have awesome staying power and are great shades. I prefer to use a liner with both since these are deeper shades. I believe, the shades being warm work extremely well with our Indian skin tones. The two are must haves although if you are more into brights, check out Love Goddess and Scarlet abis. Finally, not to forget the Lipstick bullets with signature Marilyn Monroe images. I personally love the classy image they have chosen and for me it scores along with the awesome shades.

8 thoughts on “MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Lipsticks

  1. I really liked the Marilyn Monroe image on the lipstick bullets too. This collection sold out so fast here in Manila that I wasn’t even able to swatch any of the reds, except for Scarlet Ibis, which I already had. I only got Pure Zen, if you’re interested in getting this shade, it’s also part of the permanent line of lipsticks. :)

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