MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara Review

MAC in extreme dimension lash/volume and curl mascara is the latest addition to MAC’s mascara range. Mascaras from MAC are either a straight miss or hit for most and there are very few that are actually raved about. To see if this one goes on to create history, read on….

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara

MAC Description:

M·A·C’s lightweight whipped formula saturates lashes root to tip, adds volume, extends length and creates curl, while conditioning for softness and..

Price: INR 1350 for 13ml

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara wand

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara wand

How it fared:

Packaging:  The Mascara comes in a classy stylish plastic tube with a long handle. The long handle needs special mention as it gives pretty good balance and hold which enables easy and neat application. This is the best cap ever in terms of how well it enables good balance. The tube has MAC embellished all over which adds to visual treat.

Comparing the mascara wands

Comparing the mascara wands

The wand: The wand, as you can see is a bit long, elongated and has spikes on it. The brush is one of the factors that make the mascara stand out. It helps in depositing the mascara evenly without any clumping. It reaches even the lashes in the inner corner effectively which is great. It separates the lashes well.

Curls: The mascara by itself does not do much in terms of curling your lashes. But if you have already curled the lashes with an eyelash curler, then this will hold the curls well for a long time.

In extreme dimension lash mascara

In extreme dimension lash mascara

Clumping: The mascara does not go clumpy on my lashes. Though in the wand it might look like there is a load of product, the wand effectively and evenly deposits the mascara and there is no clumping whatsoever. I have noticed that layering up also does not lead to any visible clumping and dragging.

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara vs. other similar mascaras

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara vs. other similar mascaras

Lengthening: The mascara does give some lengthening effect, though I wouldn’t call it dramatic. But it does fare a bit better than the regular ones.

Volume: I adore the mascara when it comes to the volume part. It gives the illusion of thicker fuller lashes and adds great volume to it. This is my favorite part of the mascara. There are very few products that give such visible volume without going through the clumpy territory.

Smudging: I haven’t noticed any smudging with the mascara. Even in the humid climate where I stay, I find that it stays put till I take it off at the end of the day

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara EOTD

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara EOTD; Without Mascara & with Mascara (L-R)

Fragrance: The mascara smells like some kind of chemical and isn’t very mild either. It does not though, worry you once applied as it fades away.

Waterproof or not: The in extreme lashes are not water proof, which I like. I am not a fan of waterproof mascara. I don’t like the work it takes to get it off the lashes and thereby this works for me

Without Mascara; With Mascara

(L-R) Without Mascara; With Mascara


  • Deep Black mascara
  • Non clumping
  • Adds good volume
  • No visible smudging
  • Awesome handle adding to balance
  • Classy packaging
  • Wand is impressive


  • Expensive for a mascara
  • No curling effect
  • Average lengthening effect
  • Not very dramatic output if that is what you are looking for
  • Has a very chemical like fragrance which is tad bit annoying

Round up: The mascara works mostly in line with its claims except for the curling part. You can play with its intensity ranging from barely there to an intense one. But what about the false lash and dramatic curls claims?  I don’t think it is the best false lash faking mascara and a very dramatic one as such. It does not give you many reasons to crib about but nor does it give reasons to rave. For the amount spent, I believe it could have delivered a tad bit more! :-)

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