MAC Brow finisher,Marilyn Monroe Collection

Well groomed eyebrows, I strongly feel, does a lot to your look. So whether it be a full make-up look or a lazy day, groomed eyebrows are a must for me. No matter whether you have thick brows or thin ones, filling and setting brows defines the face.

Brow Finisher Pencil(2)

So here is where I bring in today’s product for review- MAC brow finisher in clear. As far as I can tell, the brow finisher has been in MAC line for a while. However now it has been launched as part of the Marilyn Monroe collection. So that shouldn’t make it difficult to get.

Brow Finisher Pencil

MAC description of the product:

A slimline wax-style grooming tool specially formulated to shape and hold the brows in place while providing them with a sheer, slick, polished and conditioned-looking finish. Smooth, non-sticky, easy to use. Comes in a slim mechanical applicator. Goes on smoothly, precisely via its slant tip.

Price: INR 1000 for .5g/0.17US OZ

Brow Finisher Pencil(i)

How it fared:

MAC brow finisher comes in twist up tube with a slant tip. The slanted tip does add to the ease of application. Since very long MAC espresso eyeshadow has been my staple brow filler. Every single day, I make it a point to fill in my brows with the eyeshadow. But as expected being a powder shadow, towards the end of the day it’s barely even there. So I have been in the hunt for a good brow wax. One major issue with most I have tried is that they are either too waxy or sticky or ended up making the brow hair poker straight and stiff which is very irritating. MAC brow finisher for me wins in all these aspects. It’s not waxy, goes on smoothly and holds the brow hair really well. One fact that I am really really happy about is how it doesn’t make the hairs any stiffer. It feels quite light and my brow behaves better. Once set with the finisher, I find that my brows stay groomed and defined even after a full day at work. The application is also a non brainer. For those blessed with thick eyebrows this will work as standalone without raising the need to use filler.

Brow Finisher tip

Another thing that I noted is the ingredient list mentions castor oil as an ingredient. Castor oil is widely considered to aid in the growth of brow air. However I have not noticed any difference or improvement on that front. Probably, a long term use might yield results. Not that I am vouching for it since I am not even sure how much amount of castor oil is actually a part of the final product.

Full tip

For all those who are in the hunt for a non waxy, light and effective Brow finisher, this might fit the bill. Though the quantity that you get appears little, it will last you easily for long because very little gets consumed after each use. Since it might not be a part of permanent range, now is a good time to find it in stores as part of Marilyn Monroe collection.

Have you tried MAC brow finisher? What do you think? Do let me know in the comments section below  :-)

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