L’Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer Review

The very first makeup item in its true sense that I ever started using was an eyeliner, a liquid one. The habit stays with me till date. Not even a single day passes by without me lining my eyes. It is kind of basic for me like using an eye kohl. The only change is somewhere along the way, I met gel liners and totally forgot the liquid ones. Now both Maybelline and L’Oreal have introduced few promising ones and it’s a welcome change.

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer - Black Vinyl

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer – Black Vinyl

L’Oreal Description: A precise route and regular long lasting.liquid formula Super Liner provides a clean and precise line. The color is intense and lasts all day, without running, without flaking

Price : INR 650 for 6ml

How it fared:

The liner comes with a long twist open cap with a felt tip attached. Before opening I thought the longer part must be holding liner and the smaller part the cap with brush. But no, it’s the other way round. It has a looooong handle cap and small tube of product. The felt tip is just perfect not too stiff nor is it easily pliable. I almost forgot how easy it was with liquid liners until now. It is non messy, super easy and does not require a separate brush for application.

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer - Black Vinyl

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer – Black Vinyl

The felt tip liner, I find does not absorb enough product in one go. I have to re-dip it more than once to get out the required amount. So this is actually a bummer because it interferes a lot with the ease factor associated.

The outcome though is an intense glossy black shade in vinyl finish. I love how intense the black is and enjoy the lacquer or vinyl finish. The liner is perfect for winged eye look. It gives so much control and precision that you hardly can get it wrong provided you manage to get the required amount in the tip.

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer - Black Vinyl

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer – Black Vinyl

The liner stays on me the entire day without smudging. It is quick drying and takes just few seconds to set and once done it does not budge unless I remove it at the end of the day. Removal of the liner at the end of the day is also tricky as it disintegrates into flakes. In case you have a tendency to rub your eyes often then the liner may not fare well as it tends to flake away.

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer - Black Vinyl Swatch

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer – Black Vinyl Swatch


  • Intense vinyl finish black shade
  • Does not smudge
  • Long wear time
  • The felt tip is perfect
  • Stays all day


  • The quantity included is less and may not last for long( at least at the rate I am going, it will not :-))
  • Expensive for a liner from drugstore brand
  • Disintegrates into flakes if you rub the eyes
  • Felt Tip does not pick enough product in one go
  • Messy to remove

Round Up: Though I like the finish, the intense black shade and the balance the liner provides; I am not convinced. To me, L’Oreal Black Lacquer liner is an overpriced liner with a felt tip that does not pick enough product in one go thereby dampening the entire experience.

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