Forest Essentials Roop Nikhar and Gulab Facial Ubtan Review

Ubtans are one of the most talked about product from Forest essentials. I have used the Naragi and Nagkesar Ubtan and I loved it. So when it got over, I thought of trying a different variant, the Roop Nikhar and Gulab one. Lets see how it fared…


Forest Essentials description of the product:

Roop Nikhar Gulab Ubtan is made from an old recipe for a Rose and Badam Ubtan made from Ground Almonds, Pistachio Seeds, Fresh Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Turmeric, Ayurvedic herbs and Flowers.

How to use:
Use regularly for a nourished clear complexion. Mix with milk into a paste, and use to wash face. Rinse well.

Price: INR 650 for 50g

How it fared:

Since the time I got introduced to the Narangi version of ubtan from Forest essentials, it has remained a part of my skin care routine. Why I didn’t re purchase the same variant, I don’t know. I went to the store to get the same but came back home with a different one as usual :-)

I use the ubtan once in 3-4 days as the organic pound ingredients are not exactly what I call the mildest. My favorite way of using the ubtan is to mix with either milk or rose water and leaving it on for about 5-10 minutes. Post this, I gently scrub my face and cleanse with warm water. On days when I find myself tight for time, I just use it as a cleanser.


The ubtan has a powder like consistency which is not very fine. In fact the particles have a tendency to clump together while mixing. It typically reminds you of the main ingredient ie, powdered lentil. The fragrance is typical rose like and can be attributed to the powdered dry rose petals.


The ubtan does a real good job of cleansing the face in addition to working well on the scrubbing part.  I find my skin smoother and more even toned after prolonged use. However I wouldn’t say it has any skin lightening properties. But that is the  least of my worries . The effect of the ubtan on tan removal is also minimal which was not the case with the Naragi variant.


  • Gentle natural cleanser
  • No chemical load
  • Results in clear and even toned skin
  • Works as a effective scrub


  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • No Tan removal or skin lightening effect
  • Has a tendency to clump while mixing
  • The actual ingredients vary from the description on the website

The ubtan does deliver what it claims; nourished clear complexion. But if you have time on hand, this one can easily be replicated at home at a much lesser cost.

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